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Trenchless Pipelining FAQs Answered

Trenchless Pipelining is a sewer pipe repair process involving cleaning the sewer line and applying an epoxy lining. This lining prevents leaking and keeps stormwater out of the pipes by sealing the entire inside of the pipe. This process is carried out through an access point to avoid the need to dig a trench in your yard. You can reach out to our professionals at Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, IL, to learn more.

How Does the Process Work?

The process will take one full day with a crew of 3-4 plumbers. It starts with using a sewer camera for a visual inspection. The inside of the sewer line is then pressure washed, and the pipe liner is prepared with specific epoxies. Next, the liner is maneuvered into the pipe with specialized equipment. It is then pressurized and steam cured. Finally, another camera inspection is done to confirm the process worked and everything is sealed. Contact our experts at Steve Ray Plumbing if you want to learn more about our pipelining services.

Does the Trenchless Pipelining Approach Work on Every Pipe?

Trenchless Pipelining works with all pipes and materials, including clay, PVC, cast iron, concrete, ABS, Orangeburg, corrugated metal, and steel piping. Contact our experts at Steve Ray Plumbing, and we’ll evaluate your specific pipes and confirm that this approach will be appropriate and effective.

How Much Does It Cost to get Trenchless Pipelining?

The total cost of having trenchless pipelining done depends on several factors. The most important one is the length of the pipework—the shorter the sewer line, the less expensive the rehabilitation will be. Other factors include the accessibility of the pipes, the extent of the damage, how much cleaning is needed, and your location. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile investment, as trenchless pipelining costs half as much as digging up your sewer line.

Do I Have to Leave the House During the Installation?

You are not required to leave your home during the trenchless pipelining process. However, we may need to turn your water off, and access to your drains will be limited, so please plan for those inconveniences and decide if you want to stay to observe. Rest assured that any disruptions will be kept to a minimum, and the job will be completed quickly.

How Long Does the Process Take?

After the initial inspection, if the crew consists of 3-4 plumbers, the job can usually be completed in one full day. However, a partial day is typically needed at the inspection’s beginning and then another partial day to clean up and confirm the job is completed to our satisfaction.

Can I Have a Pipelining Installed Without Digging Up My Yard?

One of the most significant saving opportunities trenchless pipelining can provide is saving your yard and driveway from being broken up to reach your pipes. In most situations, we can avoid having to do any digging or causing any damage that would require repairs.

Is Trenchless Pipelining Safe?

Trenchless pipelining is a very safe process. It is much safer than digging up the sewer line, and there is no risk of your yard, driveway, or property shifting or being damaged by the pipelining process. When choosing this simpler, cost-effective process, you also remove the risk of cracking pipes or putting unnecessary tension on them.

How Long Will It Last?

Our pipelining system guarantees to seal your pipes entirely, protecting them from leaks, erosion, and root infiltration. When completed by a professional plumber, like our staff at Steve Ray Plumbing, your pipelining should last for a minimum of 50 years.

If you have more questions that haven’t been answered here, please contact our experts at Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, IL, and we’d be happy to assist you further. Our number is 217.793.0200. Feel free to call any time.


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