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Sump Pumps
in Springfield, Illinois

Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance in Springfield, IL

Steve Ray Plumbing is a leading expert in sump pump repair, maintenance, and installation services for homes and businesses in Springfield, IL. Whether you need a minor repair on your sump ejector pump or you want to upgrade your system entirely, our contractors have years of experience replacing sump pumps and providing battery or water pressure backup systems. For a reliable sump pump service, you can rely on our plumbing experts in Springfield, IL. Keeping your basement dry is our number one priority – schedule an inspection with our team today and get a free estimate on any of our sump pump services.

Sump Pump Maintenance from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

Sump Pump Maintenance:

Your sump pump is an essential part of your property. While many home and business owners forget just how hard their sump pump works to prevent flooding, your system will eventually need to be repaired if not maintained properly. At Steve Ray Plumbing, our Springfield, IL contractors provide sump pump maintenance services to properties of all sizes to keep you and your home protected from water, mold, and moisture damage. From cleaning the interior and exterior of the tank to inspecting the sewage ejector pump, you can rely on our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your sump pump is operating efficiently.

Sump Pump Repair from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

Sump Pump Repair:

Is the water in your sump pump getting dangerously close to the surface of your basement or crawl space? Don’t wait until your property floods, call Steve Ray Plumbing for a sump pump repair service in Springfield, IL. We provide residential and commercial sump pump restoration services to ensure that your property can handle any storm without the risk of water damage. If you are noticing wet areas in your basement, mold smells, or the sewage ejector has stopped working, give our experts a call and we’ll provide you with a quality sump pump repair service that keeps your property safe for years to come.

Sump Pump Installation from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

Sump Pump Installation:

Sump pumps are designed to remove excess water and moisture from the foundation of your home, preventing your lower level from flooding. Whether you have a basement or a crawl space, our contractors at Steve Ray Plumbing recommend installing a quality sump pump system to give you peace of mind year-round. The last thing any home or business owner wants is a flooded property due to a failing sump pump. If your sump pump has been having drainage issues or you’ve had it for over 20 years, it’s time to call our contractors for a sump pump installation and replacement service. We’ll inspect your Springfield, IL property to make sure you have the size and model you need to keep your home protected from water and moisture damage.


Water Pressure & Battery Backup Systems

Although water pressure backup systems move only 12 to 14 gallons per minute and cannot fully replace a standard sump pump, they are becoming an increasingly popular safety device to further ensure the protection of your property. At Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, IL we offer water pressure and battery backup systems to keep your sump pumps from overflowing when your electricity gives out. Our backup systems kick on when needed, buying you time while waiting for power to be restored or for a faulty sump pump to be repaired. Extend your sump pump protection during a power outage with a small battery-operated unit that sits right next to your main pump. Our contractors are available 24/7 to install or restore your sump pump backup systems.

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