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Gas Line Services
in Springfield, Illinois

Gas Line Repair & Maintenance in Springfield, IL

You may be thinking – what do plumbing experts know about gas line repair and installation? Our contractors are experienced and certified in gas line services for residential and commercial properties in Springfield, IL. With over 20 years of experience, we are the top choice for central Illinois clients that are having emergency issues with their gas lines. Whether you need a gas line hookup service, or your gas line has suffered a leak, we offer 24/7 services to make sure that you and your property are protected. Keep reading to learn more about our gas line services and contact us if you suspect issues with your gas lines.

Gas Line Repair and Maintenance from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

What You Should Know About Your Gas Line:

If you’re a home or business owner, one of the last things you’re worried about is your gas line. We get it – since your plumbing systems are hidden beneath your property, it’s not something you think about until there’s an issue. Our Steve Ray Plumbing contractors are here to keep you prepared in the event of an emergency, which is why we’ve put together a list of things everyone should know about their gas lines.

  1. Make sure you know where your gas meter and shut-off valves are located.

  2. Be aware of your natural gas supplier and how/when to contact them.

  3. Know what you should do if you discover a gas leak.

We are also a reliable choice when it comes to natural gas leaks and gas line repair services. Give us a call if you notice any physical symptoms or smells caused by your gas line in Springfield, IL.

Gas Line Repair and Maintenance from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

Why You Should Maintain Your Gas Line:

Just like any other appliance or plumbing system, maintaining your gas line is extremely important to the safety and functioning of your home or business in Springfield, IL. Investing in routine maintenance inspections and repairs when needed is the best way to prevent having to replace your gas line system. Here are several reasons why our contractors recommend maintaining your home or business’s natural gas line:

  • Prevents Leaks That Could Harm Your Health

  • Prevents Natural Gas Fires

  • Provides Total Peace of Mind

  • Ensures the Protection of You & Your Neighbors Properties

  • Prevents Expensive Future Repairs

  • Avoids Gas Line Replacement


Top Signs That You Have Issues With Your Gas Line

There are several signs that homeowners and businesses must look out for when their property is connected to a natural gas line. Unfortunately, gas leaks are often undetected if the leak is slow and distinct smells are not yet present. At Steve Ray Plumbing, our team recommends calling for an inspection the moment you notice smells of gas, dead or dying houseplants, or physical systems associated with a gas leak. The last thing you want is to suffer health issues or potential fire hazards due to a gas line leak that can be handled if taken care of immediately. Our contractors offer gas line repair, maintenance, and replacement services 24/7 to ensure the safety and health of customers in Springfield, IL.

 Foul odor resembling rotten eggs

 Hissing or whistling noises near gas lines

✓ Visible damage or corrosion on gas pipes

✓ Soot or scorched areas around gas appliances

✓ Frequent headaches, nausea, or dizziness

 Dead plants or vegetation near gas lines

 Unexplained increase in gas bills

✓ Pilot lights frequently extinguishing

✓ Difficulty lighting gas appliances

✓ Health symptoms improve when away from home

Common Gas Line Issues

Issues with your gas line are usually few and far between, however, emergencies happen, and you could be stuck with a gas line issue that needs immediate attention. At Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, IL, we educate home and business owners on the most common issues they could have with their gas lines in case of emergencies. With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we know a thing or two about gas line repair and maintenance. Some of the most common gas line issues are leaks caused by faulty connections or line damage, blockages, and valve leaks.


If you notice gas smells around your property, give us a call today.

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