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Septic Services
in Central, Illinois

Septic Services in Central, IL

We install, inspect, repair, clean, and maintain septic systems to ensure exceptional service and results to our customers. With 20 years experience of maintaining the highest standards in the industry, Steve Ray Plumbing is synonymous with quality, honesty, and reliability for the following septic services:

 Septic Installation

 Sewer Repair & Cleaning

 Septic Plumbing

 Septic Tank Inspections

 Video Inspection

 Drain Cleaning

 Grease Trap Cleaning

 Sewer & Septic Maintenance

Septic Tank Installation from Steve Ray Plumbing in Central Illinois

Septic Tank Installation:

Whether you are building a new home or have an old septic system that needs replaced, questions will arise as to the cost, type, size, process, or even whether a sewer system would better fit your family’s needs. Septic systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many factors will contribute to the best system. Our highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals will present you with the best options based on the property size, number of people in the home, and land design. Call Steve Ray today.

Our Installation Process

Aeration/Aerobic Sewage System Installation from Steve Ray Plumbing in Central Illinois

Aeration/Aerobic Sewage
System Installation:

Worried you may not have enough land to install a septic system? Is your anaerobic septic system beginning to fail? Then aeration is right for you. While traditional septic tanks create an environment with minimal oxygen in the wastewater, an aeration system is designed to introduce oxygen so that bacteria can break down the waste solids more efficiently and quickly. This efficiency allows a smaller land area needed for a septic system. Likewise, if your anaerobic septic system is failing, an aeration system can be installed saving you time and money. An aeration system can handle a larger output since it is less affected by excessive water usage.

Aeration/Aerobic Sewage System Installation

Septic Tank Condemnation:

A failed septic system could lead to the property being condemned. A septic system failure causes untreated sewage to be released and possibly transported to building pipes, the surface of the ground, basements, surface water, marine water, well water, ponds, and other water sources in the area. We will professionally condemn your old septic system and replace it with a new septic or new sewer system. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of septic failure, call Steve Ray Plumbing immediately.

Signs of Septic Failure

  • Water and sewage backup in drains, sinks, and toilets in the home

  • Bathtubs, showers, and sinks draining slowly

  • Gurgling sounds in the plumbing

  • Standing water or damp spots near the septic tank

  • Bad odors around the septic tank

  • Spongy, green lush grass over the septic tank

Septic Tank Condemnation
Septic Tank Real Estate Inspections from Steve Ray Plumbing in Central Illinois

Septic Tank Real Estate Inspections:

Septic repairs can be costly, and new residential systems are complex. Accurately evaluating your home's septic system can mean the difference between a royal flush and a royal pain.

A comprehensive septic system inspection will illuminate any minor or major issues with the system, whether the system needs repairs or condemned, and offers peace of mind to all parties involved. Whether you are selling your home, purchasing a home, or have concerns with your current septic system, schedule your septic tank inspection today.

Septic Tank Real Estate Inspections
Grease Trap Cleaning from Steve Ray Plumbing in Springfield, Illinois

Grease Trap Cleaning:

Grease traps are designed to prevent grease poured down the floor drain, sink, or discharged from a dishwasher from entering the wastewater sewer system. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your grease filter is critical to prevent sewer backups, unpleasant odors, and clogs. Don’t neglect your grease collection system, get the experts at Steve Ray, and ensure the proper function and cleanliness of your system. 

Grease Trap Cleaning

Septic System Maintenance & Repair

Proper maintenance of your septic system will promote years of use and will avoid premature failure. Whether you need residential or commercial septic tank maintenance, trust Steve Ray Plumbing with all your septic needs, including maintenance and repair. We offer maintenance plans to suit each specific septic system’s needs. Call us today to discuss the best options for you.

 Clogged Pipe

 Vent Installation & Service

 Septic Tank Cleaning

 Septic Tank Plumbing

 Septic System Repairs

 Septic System Inspections

 Drain Field Rejuvenation

 Video Inspection

 Tank Overflow

 Cracked Septic Tank

 Broken Pipes

 Drain Field Piping

 Broken Septic Baffles


 Tree Roots

Lift Station – A lift station will be required when your septic or sewer system pipes are too deep to transport water and sewage from a lower elevation point to a higher one. For the installation, repair, or maintenance of your lift station, Call Steve Ray Plumbing at 217.793.0200.

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