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Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

Trying to keep your drains clog-free can definitely be challenging, especially if they are repeat offenders. Here are some great tips on how to keep your drains free of anything that can potentially clog them up. As always, when the task seems too much to handle on your own, our expert plumbers at Steve Ray Plumbing are available 24/7 for emergency services.

For Your Shower Drain, Invest in a Drain Stopper to Catch Hair

The best way to keep your shower drains clog-free is to invest in a drain stopper over your current shower or tub drain. This method is straightforward because you put the plug on top of the drain, allowing it to catch hair. Eventually, it will form a clump that has been saved from going down the drain and clogging your pipes. Then, you must remove the hair and properly dispose of it in the trash can. We advise waiting a while after your shower so the hair can dry, so it will be easier and less gag-inducing to touch the hair and throw it away. This stopper can also catch bar soap pieces and prevent your child’s small toys from getting stuck in the drain. At Steve Ray Plumbing, we believe it’s a wise investment to save you further hassle in the future.

For Your Kitchen Drain, Be Careful About What You Put in the Disposal

You need to be respectful of your garbage disposal and not overuse it for your kitchen drain. Many people treat it like a garbage can, but in reality, some substances should not be put down your kitchen drain, like coffee grounds, eggshells, banana peels, and potato skins. Grease and cooking oils should also not go down this drain. All these things can lead to frequent clogs in your system because they are thick and don’t break down well in disposals. Instead, you should practice scraping off your plates over your kitchen trash can and disposing of leftover food that way. When you do use your sink’s disposal, remember always to run a steady stream of water from your faucet to help guide the waste material through your drainage system. If you have any questions, contact our experts today for more guidance and professional advice.

For Your Toilet, Don’t Flush Anything Other Than Waste & Paper

When your toilet is concerned, you should ensure every household member understands that the only things that should be flushed are bodily waste and toilet paper. The toilet is not a playground, so tell your kids not to play with their toys in the water because that is just inviting your system to get clogged when they inevitably reach for the flushing handle. The toilet is also not a trash can, so don’t abuse it by putting in things like cotton balls, cigarettes, and certain feminine hygiene products. Always store a trash can in your bathrooms so your family and guests know where to dispose of their trash correctly. The last tip is to be cautious with how much toilet paper you use; too much could easily clog your system. If you need more paper than you think your system can handle, it might be best to space it out and flush twice instead of hoping everything will go down with one. If an emergency occurs, call our expert plumbers right away at 217.793.0200!

General Tips: Monthly Drain Cleaning and Traps for all Drains

Our experts at Steve Ray Plumbing have a few more tips to share to help keep all your drains clog-free. It’s a good practice to have drain cleaner on hand for minor clogs and to utilize it as a monthly cleaning regimen. These drain cleaners are made of enzymes that can break up the gunk and debris that could cause clogs to form in your pipes. So, instead of waiting for a clog to happen, practice cleaning your drains regularly to go on the defensive and prevent them from happening in the first place! You may also want to invest in drain stoppers for all your drains. They should fit easily over the drains in your sinks and tubs. This is especially helpful if small children like to stick their toys everywhere. These stoppers will help prevent toys, hair, food, soap scum, and other debris from going down your drains and will continue keeping your drains clog-free.

Got a Clog, Anyway? Call the Professionals for Help

Never fear when you find yourself facing a clog despite all your best maintenance efforts. Our professional plumbers at Steve Ray Plumbing are always ready and willing to provide you with expert plumbing services. Contact us online or call the number on our website. We’re located in Springfield, IL, and we’re open 24/7 for Emergency Plumbing to ensure that we’ll always be there for our valued customers. When you trust our experienced team of skilled technicians, you never have to face your plumbing problems alone.


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