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How To Raise The Water Level In A Toilet Bowl

At Steve Ray Plumbing Service, Inc., we understand that toilets are a crucial function of your Springfield, IL home, and when they are out of service, it’s impossible to be without them. You may not think much about it, but the water level in your toilet bowl can affect how your toilet runs. If it’s too high, your toilet could overflow; if it’s too low, you may have frequent clogs. As you will read below, we have provided a guide on effectively raising the water level in a toilet bowl.

Locate the Water Supply Valve

When you wish to begin raising the water level in a toilet bowl, the initial action is to locate the water supply valve. Typically, these valves can be found behind the toilet bowl near the floor or on the wall. Once you have identified its position, your next step is to turn the valve clockwise to stop the water flow to the toilet. Once this task is accomplished, proceed to remove the tank lid cautiously, ensuring it is safely set aside to prevent unintended harm.

Adjust the Fill Valve

After completing the previous step, the next step involves adjusting the fill valve, which directs the water level in your toilet bowl. The fill valve is commonly situated on the left side of the tank. It features a float that directly influences the water level. To raise the water level, you will need to manipulate the float. Depending on the fill valve type, you can usually press a clip or slide the float up or down. Lowering the float will result in an increased water level, while raising it will decrease the water level. You can experiment with different positions until you achieve your desired water level.

Test the Water Level

Once you make the adjustments to the fill valve, you will want to test the water level in the toilet bowl. To do so, rotate the water supply valve counterclockwise to turn it back on, allowing the tank to refill. If the water level does not meet your desired preference, you can repeat the previous steps until you achieve the desired water level.

Reassemble and Check for Leaks

Once you have successfully raised the water level to your desired level, the final step is to reassemble the toilet tank lid carefully. Ensure the lid is correctly aligned and securely placed back on the tank. After, turn off the water supply valve again to inspect for any potential leaks. If you observe any water dripping or pooling around the toilet, carefully examine all the connections and tighten them if needed. This thorough check will help ensure a leak-free and properly functioning toilet.

Reach Out to Steve Ray Plumbing Services, Inc.

Ensuring the appropriate water level in your toilet bowl can effectively prevent problems such as clogs or your toilet continually running. Suppose you encounter any persistent issues with your toilet despite following the steps listed above. In that case, it is time to contact our professionals at Steve Ray Plumbing Services, Inc. Our dedicated team of experts is readily available to address any toilet plumbing concerns you may encounter. Feel free to contact us by calling 217.793.0200 for assistance and reliable solutions to restore the functionality of your toilet.


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